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La galerie
Jacques Barrère

Walking around the left bank of the Seine,
the Louvre will come into your sight in
just a few minutes.

The Jacques Barrère gallery has been located on Rue Mazarine for over three decades.
From here, a number of Asian artworks had been included in major museums around the world.
Musee Guimet and the Cernuschi museum (Paris, France), the Shanghai museum (China),
the Miho museum (Japan), Canberra National museum (Australia) and the Louvre Abu Dhabi
(United Arab Emirates), to name a few.

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27 MAI - 10 JUILLET 2021

ANIMAL exhibition
Grand Palais
Galerie Jacques Barrère
36, rue Mazarine
75006 Paris, France

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. STANDING GODDESS This elegant Uma posseses all the attributes of the Baphuon period. The finely carved sampot she is wearing, her round hips, hair braided in a chignon and a discrete smile on her lips…she is hard to resist! To find out more, contact us at #galeriejacquesbarrere #galerie #art #galerieart #artoftheday #artgallery #antiquites #asianart #artgram #artlover #artworld #interiordesign #interior #fineartasia

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. SENSUAL AND GRACIOUS This male divinity torso from the 11th century, Cambodia, presents a beautiful example of the Baphuon style of clothing, with its finely folded cloth raised high on the hips and draped below the belly-button. Come and see it’s beauty up close in the gallery from Tuesday – Saturday, 36 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris.

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. BUDDHA AT HOME Bring joy into your interior with this Head of Buddha from the Pre-Rup period. The soft features in his face give him a more human appearance than the godlike sculptures from the period before. To find out more about this smiling Buddha, send us a message at

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. DIVINE UMA One of the highlights in our Khmer exhibition is this beautiful Uma from the Angkor Vat period, 12th century. The typical Baphuon style clothing and her delicate smile make her irresistible to look at. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us

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BODHISATTVA LOKESVARA This Bodhisattva Lokesvara, Cambodia, 5th – 6th century, has a meaning just as beautiful as the sculpture itself. The little Buddha of Medicine in the center of the bun shows that it is the bodhisattva of compassion. For more information about this piece or others, contact us at #galeriejacquesbarrere #galerie #art #galerieart #artoftheday #artgallery #antiquites #asianart #artgram #artlover #artworld #interiordesign #interior #fineartasia

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HEAD OF BUDDHA A serene power comes to life in this beautiful Buddha head, Thailand, 13th-14th century. It is the perfect example of the Lopburi style, which detaches itself form the hieratic nature of the previous era, in favour of a certain realism and search for individuality. For more information send us a message at #galeriejacquesbarrere #galerie #art #galerieart #artoftheday #artgallery #antiquites #asianart #artgram #artlover #artworld #interiordesign #interior #fineartasia

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